The Home Stretch

We’re less than one week until the end of the contest, and we’ve had some big movers in the standings since the halfway point.  Sasteven and akominek still hold their positions at the top of the pyramid, but a fresh face is threatening the top spot.  Klinic, previously outside the top 10 at the half way point, has since amassed nearly 500 points which is good enough for third place.  But with sasteven at nearly 1000 points with less than a week left, it may be too little too late.

Taking a look at baldajan in position eight, however, might keep that hope alive.  Here we see another new user in the top ten with a point total of over 300 points – all from only one poll, and with over 200 votes coming in one night alone.  This poll pits the newest operating systems from Apple and Microsoft against each other, and seems to lay the blueprint for a successful diPoll in the contest.  Can anyone else replicate this success and make a final run like the ’72 Olympic 800m, or will sasteven hold onto and secure the hard fought victory?

We’ll find out soon enough – good luck everyone!

$100 Contest – Halftime Update

We’ve reached the halfway point of our October diPoll Contest.  This is our first contest and the results so far have been great – the creativity and competitiveness of some of the participants have really surprised us.  Several users took the advice from our last tips and tricks post, and saw some big boosts from Digg and Facebook in particular.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 leaderboard (you can also check out the full top 10):


Here we see sasteven in the top spot, with akominek hot in pursuit.  Janelnk, jenifa, and toadchild round out the top 5.  The top dogs have seemed to be relaxing the past few days, however – maybe a little too much.  This contest is still up in the air and anybody can come out the winner.  One good poll is all it takes to turn the tide!

A good idea to capture the interest of potential voters is to make your polls about current events. Celebrity news sites, popular blogs, and Twitter “trending topics” are great places to get ideas for hot polls that people will flock to.  Make a couple polls about big current events, spread the word, and you could see yourself skyrocket to the #1 spot in a matter of hours.

With the contest halfway through, it’s time to pick up the pace to keep yourself in position for a final dash to #1! Good luck everybody!

And we’re off!

The October contest kicked off early Thursday, and the battle for top spot is picking up.  You’ll notice some nifty banners around the site to tell you about the contest, and a slick new leader board with a real time snapshot of the top 10 contestants.  Once you break into the top ten you can keep track of your point total here in your quest for #1. Don’t forget – your choice of $100 or a special edition iPod is on the line!  There’s still plenty of time to get in the action.

Now that the contest is getting heated you might be wondering how you can help to boost your point total, and we’ve got some suggestions.  Your points are based on votes and ratings so there are a few things to keep in mind:

“Garbage in, garbage out”

Before you look outside, you should first examine your polls. Ugly polls generally mean low votes.  For best results you should try to make your poll interesting to others, visually attractive, and have a description that provokes a response from the voter.

Tweet my face-space?

Social networks are a huge resource for you. You can share your polls on facebook or myspace, or post them to twitter.  Doing this will allow hundreds of your friends to see what you’re up to and help you out!

You Digg it?

Digg is a cool way to promote new web content for other people to see.  Simply click the “Share on Digg” icon and we’ll help you post it onto their service.  Other digg users can then view your poll, and “digg” it if they think it’s cool.  A few other similar services are called Yahoo Buzz and Reddit – get your friends to help support your links on these sites and you could get tons of votes coming your way from all over the world!

Of course there are plenty of other ways to get more votes on your poll – post it on your blog/website, mention it to a few friends over IM, or do it the old fashioned way and tell them in person.  With the whole internet at your disposal, a little work goes a long way.  Those top 10 can easily change in just minutes, so have fun and keep at it! Good luck!

diPoll Beta Contest – Win an iPod or $100!

EDIT: The contest is now open as of October 1 – Good Luck!!

We are excited to announce our very first contest here at diPoll.  We asked what prize you wanted, and the result was split down the middle, 51-46. Since the vote was so close, we’ve decided that the winner will be able to pick whichever prize they want!  This means the contest winner has the choice between a special edition third generation 4GB iPod shuffle, cased in polished stainless steel, or a $100 Amazon gift certificate.  More importantly though, if you pick the iPod you’ll get a personalized engraving which will forever show how much diPoll loves you. And that is priceless.


So how do you enter? Just sign up on and create polls at any time during October.  You’ll automatically be in the running as long as you meet the eligibility below. Each vote on one of your polls will count as a point, and we’ll be taking your top 5 eligible polls for your total score at the end of the month.

Make sure the polls you create are solid, because ratings also give points. Thinking of a funny comparison, sparking controversy, using attractive images, and writing an interesting description can all make your poll more appealing to potential voters. You can promote your poll and share with friends to help get more eyeballs on it – try using the built in “Share” buttons on your poll page.

Read over all the contest rules below to make sure everything is cool.  Get ready to start polling on October 1 – the sooner you get your polls published, the sooner you start getting votes! Good Luck!


diPoll Beta Contest Official Rules:

1) User eligibility

  • User must be a fan of the Facebook Fan Page (please use your real name on your diPoll account to confirm your fan status)
  • diPoll team members and their families are not eligible.
  • Open to users worldwide! (Excluding residents of Quebec)

2) Poll eligibility

  • Polls must be created between October 1 and October 31, 2009.
  • Polls must abide by all diPoll Terms of Service.

3) Miscellaneous Rules

  • You are allowed to promote your poll using services such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Yahoo Buzz and Reddit, as long as you follow their terms of service and do not spam or harass people.  If you break this rule you may be disqualified from the contest.
  • You may NOT create multiple user accounts. We can tell if you do, and you’ll get the boot.
  • No purchase necessary. Making awesome polls? Necessary.

4) Scoring System

  • 1 vote = 1 point
  • Your gross ratings also counts to your score.  This means each rating of 1 star gives 1 point, and each rating of 5 stars gives 5 points.
  • You may make as many polls as you wish, but only your top 5 eligible polls will count toward your total score

Contest Prizes and Ongoing Feedback

First thing is first: diPoll will be holding a contest!

Full details for the contest will be released soon here on the blog, so keep an eye out.  What I can tell you now is that the contest will be based on poll submissions – so start brainstorming ideas and saving pictures!  In the meantime we’re asking for your input to decide on the contest prize. Vote here to choose either a special edition iPod or a $100 gift certificate from Amazon, or comment on the diPoll with your own prize ideas.

It’s been a week now since we opened the site up for beta testing and we’ve already been getting some great feedback. It’s not falling on deaf ears! Here are the topics of a few of the comments and suggestions we’ve been getting:

Deleting images after uploading: A few people let us know about this one. They would upload their picture to create a poll, but if they didn’t like how it looked they couldn’t delete it. Now, you’ll find a big ‘X’ at the top of the picture that allows you to delete it and upload another one before you publish your poll.

Where’s the search box?: On the way! Soon you’ll be able to search our entire poll database to find the ones you’re interested in.

Username Rules: Oops! We forgot to mention restrictions on usernames when you’re registering, but that’s fixed now. Over the next few days you’ll also see some other big changes to our sign up page.

Randomizing / Dumb Next Button: Is our dumb next button giving you repeat polls? We’ve tinkered with it so that should be less likely now. In the future we’re going to be making it even smarter to give you more interesting and relevant polls.

Keep that feedback coming, and stay tuned for full contest details soon!

Greetings beta testers

Right off the bat:  Thanks for your help!

We are really excited to get diPoll up and running, and your help will allow us to work out some kinks and flush out bugs we havent encountered yet.  We believe we’ve got something special here. With your help, we can take it to the next level.

Thanks to your feedback we’ve already caught a few issues and made improvements to the service.  If you see something you believe isnt right, a suggestion for something new, or any general comments, you can let us know at

If you still haven’t seen it, give the service a try at  To get started you can try creating an account, voting and commenting in a few polls or making your own poll.

Over the next few weeks you’ll be seeing a lot of changes as we bring out new features and services that tie in with diPoll. We’re proud to have you as our very first users – enjoy the ride!!