New diPoll profiles, with extra doses of awesome

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the blog, but you may have noticed that the site redesign has been finished for a while now.  Part of this is a new header that should make it easier for you to navigate around the site (plus you can also search polls now – sweet!).

We’ve also been making improvements elsewhere. Your profile page got a big face lift – it should look much cleaner and spiffier now. Also, now you can actually upload a profile picture. Default silhouettes are always cool, but now you can actually upload your own picture. With colour and your face and kittens and stuff. People will be able to see your picture when they check out your profile, plus a mini version of it will be placed beside your comments on polls.  Check out a screenshot of my profile below.

You’ll also notice that there is a shiny “Recent Activity” box from Facebook on the bottom right.  Here, you’ll be able to see what your friends and other people think is the coolest stuff on diPoll.  Whenever you vote on a poll that you think is especially mind blowing, just click the “Like” button near the comment box and your friends will be able to check it out as well. Right now, people think Twilight is mind blowing. A lot of people. But more on that later.