Photo Finish for the Contest

Our two top diPoll contestants fought tooth and nail last night in the final hours of the October contest, trying to scrape together enough votes and ratings to take the $100.  It was a mad scramble right up to midnight with each of them alternating between #1 and #2.  But, in the end, akominek was able to pull ahead and solidify the victory at midnight to secure the cash.  Congratulations akominek!

A special mention goes to sasteven who put up a valiant battle and led the contest for the majority of the month.  Another mention goes to smokingaces who created the top poll of the contest, amassing an incredible 527 votes in only 4 days. Here are the final standings for the contest.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the diPoll October Popularity Contest!  We’ve had a lot of fun, and will surely be putting on more contests in the future with a few changes, and even more exciting prizes.  To find out when your next chance is keep an eye on this blog.  You can also find diPoll on Facebook or follow diPoll on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, we’ve got a pretty cool announcement coming soon – stay tuned!