Connect more

The big buzz these days is around the social networks Facebook and Twitter, and at diPoll it’s no different. We’re always trying to find ways to make it easier for you to get involved with diPoll and share it with your friends, so integrating with social networks was a natural decision.  So what does this mean exactly? For starters, you’ll be able to log in to diPoll using either your Twitter or Facebook accounts without even making a diPoll account. This makes it easier for you because logging in will be quick and easy (just one click), and you don’t have to remember another password.

You can check out our current version of this feature by visiting us our Twitter page and clicking on one of the polls we posted.  Once you vote, our site will detect that you came from Twitter and will prompt you to log in using your Twitter account.  If you already have an existing diPoll account you can link it and use Twitter to log in as well.  Check out our full press release here.

Keep an eye on the login page for the full launch of Twitter and Facebook Connect.  This will be just the beginning – we are working on even more exciting ideas to take advantage of the tools in social networks.

(Psst. We’re going to be having another contest soon. Keep your ears open and eyes peeled!)