The Home Stretch

We’re less than one week until the end of the contest, and we’ve had some big movers in the standings since the halfway point.  Sasteven and akominek still hold their positions at the top of the pyramid, but a fresh face is threatening the top spot.  Klinic, previously outside the top 10 at the half way point, has since amassed nearly 500 points which is good enough for third place.  But with sasteven at nearly 1000 points with less than a week left, it may be too little too late.

Taking a look at baldajan in position eight, however, might keep that hope alive.  Here we see another new user in the top ten with a point total of over 300 points – all from only one poll, and with over 200 votes coming in one night alone.  This poll pits the newest operating systems from Apple and Microsoft against each other, and seems to lay the blueprint for a successful diPoll in the contest.  Can anyone else replicate this success and make a final run like the ’72 Olympic 800m, or will sasteven hold onto and secure the hard fought victory?

We’ll find out soon enough – good luck everyone!