$100 Contest – Halftime Update

We’ve reached the halfway point of our October diPoll Contest.  This is our first contest and the results so far have been great – the creativity and competitiveness of some of the participants have really surprised us.  Several users took the advice from our last tips and tricks post, and saw some big boosts from Digg and Facebook in particular.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 leaderboard (you can also check out the full top 10):


Here we see sasteven in the top spot, with akominek hot in pursuit.  Janelnk, jenifa, and toadchild round out the top 5.  The top dogs have seemed to be relaxing the past few days, however – maybe a little too much.  This contest is still up in the air and anybody can come out the winner.  One good poll is all it takes to turn the tide!

A good idea to capture the interest of potential voters is to make your polls about current events. Celebrity news sites, popular blogs, and Twitter “trending topics” are great places to get ideas for hot polls that people will flock to.  Make a couple polls about big current events, spread the word, and you could see yourself skyrocket to the #1 spot in a matter of hours.

With the contest halfway through, it’s time to pick up the pace to keep yourself in position for a final dash to #1! Good luck everybody!