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diPoll is a social voting platform that was founded in 2009 on Web 2.0 principles of collaboration and user-centered design. diPoll allows anyone with internet access to easily vote, create polls, and take part in a community where they can get instant feedback from other users worldwide. With fascinating statistics available and open mediums for dialogue between users, our polls have become great centers for entertaining discussions and gauging of public opinion.

What's Different?

We've got a thing for 'would you rather' questions. After all, most of the choices we see throughout life tend to boil down to an either-or decision. This means that diPoll has the ability to reach beyond entertainment, and allow users to address real concerns and choices in their life by seeking input from multitudes of impartial third parties. Choosing a type of laptop, deciding on a hair style, figuring out which movie to see tonight, finalizing a design for a new tattoo, picking an outfit; diPoll allows people to see the unbiased majority opinion and read personal experiences and arguments through user comments.

diPoll is designed around user experience. Our goals were to simplify navigation, maintain focus on the poll images and choices, generate logical and relevant statistics, encourage user discussions, and generally provide a rewarding voting experience.

We strive to build a community with our service and keep users involved in our development process through important feedback, behind the scenes blogging, engaging social connections, and an interactive discussion forum.

The Future

We will continue to bring diPoll to new heights with the help of user feedback and input. There is a whole list of very exciting new features we are working hard on that will be coming soon. We will always strive to improve your experience and give you more value through our web site, while maintaining simplicity and ease of use.

We aim to continue expanding our features and language support, building a fun and opinion based community, developing the premiere demographic research tools, and becoming one of the staple web site destinations for internet users worldwide.