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What do you think of the iPad?

I think it's pretty awesome - what do you think?
arrowCOMMENTS (5) Created by Calvin | Technology | 9 years ago | 136 votes
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JackDanielzi just got one today - it's not that useful. maybe i'll leave it in the bathroom
9 years ago
JohnI saw people camping out at the Mac Store in Palo Alto last night around 8pm...
9 years ago
CalvinCheck out the Y! Entertainment app - it's amazing!!!!!
9 years ago
michael23The iPad apps are horrible! Definitely gonna wait for then 2nd gen!
9 years ago
dejosesmind-blowing. never had so much fun with my fingers before!
9 years ago
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Created by smokingaces (10 years ago)
1437 votes | 4 comments

Would you rather...
Motorola Droid
iPhone 3GS
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