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The Cheaper, Sweaty Fubar

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The Expensive, Upscale Tabu


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Since they gutted Fubar, What do you think? Did you miss the cheaper, drunken sweaty dancing at Fubar? Do you think Tabu should be catering more to students budgets? OR do you like the new, classy look,more "Toronto" with great lights, but expensive cover and drinks at Tabu?
arrowCOMMENTS (10) Created by sasteven | Lifestyle | 9 years ago | 91 votes
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Calvinno more fubar :(
8 years ago
sastevenI def. miss Fubar. The look inside is much better now, but things such as towel service are stupid cus it increases the cost...and as university students, I think we can dry our hands ourself...it's just over the top and not required.
9 years ago
tabu_nightclubThe artists coming to Waterloo have never and would never come to this city, the venue is not just amazing our customers but worldwide talent. I can not fully share what is planned for 2010, IT IS GOING TO BE HUGE! THANK-YOU WATERLOO for making us the BEST and to ensure we have the best patrons and the best venue we had to be a bit more expensive. Tabu
9 years ago
tabu_nightclubWhat do you get for the Extra $5.00 a night, - Canada's only e-cue / Traxton Lighting System (ceiling) - The most moving heads per sq ft in the WORLD - The most powerful and advanced sound system CANADA. - Granite Counter tops - Dedicated VIP host and Nightly Entertainment - Ultra highend washrooms with towel service - High end drink wear - Top notch bottle service - The most powerful and advanced laser in Canada (Shared with Guvernment)
9 years ago
tabu_nightclubWe have already brought you, Global Deejays, Benny Benassi, Biz Markie and Cascada to a city starving for a world class venue. No it is not for everyone or maybe not for every weekend, That is why we have 140 as a great compliment. What do you get for the Extra $5.00 a night,
9 years ago
tabu_nightclubTabu is under new ownership that has a different vision for Waterloo. We are providing the above request at 140. Cheaper Drinks, Cheaper Cover. To be fair to other bars/nightclubs in the area I will compare 140 pricing to Tabu. Cover is $2.00 more and drinks are $1.00 more than the city standard for a Friday / Saturday night. The average person consumes 3-4 drinks a night making it an average of $5.00 more a night to come to Tabu.
9 years ago
JulianLcant afford
9 years ago
BrunetteCassway too expensive. dumb idea making a "toronto" bar in an area with broke students.
9 years ago
skidudeeThe new Tabu is more classy inside, but the prices are terrible! This is a University town, and people don't have $7 for cover, $2 for coat check, and $5.50 for a drink for spare every weekend.
9 years ago
leafsfan67damn. now theres no medium dirty place, and your only other choice is to go full out dirty at phils.
9 years ago
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