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reallllly!?? would you rather catch the Swine flu?
arrowCOMMENTS (16) Created by jiajia | World | 9 years ago | 5386 votes
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8 years ago
jweatherly14really the swine flu is just anoth flu if u get the shot for it and stay healthy
8 years ago
8 years ago
8 years ago
MalaikaMckenziehong kong
8 years ago
yass_sharpwats wrong wid hong kong, r they dissing or sommet ??
8 years ago
Aleczandriiadidn't hong kong have bird flu?? 0.o
8 years ago
StevenBelenchiai would rather catch the swine flew because sadly... the swine flue was bull shit and does nothing to you
8 years ago
DynastyCrimei luv mexican girl..
8 years ago
LadyChileI've had swine flu, and bird flu, it's not that bad.
8 years ago
CocoZhangi chose hong kong i dont want swine flu :(
8 years ago
CocoZhangy r they both wearing masks
8 years ago
ValerieSpanjevicHow can you ask such a thing, I mean really ?
8 years ago
LevanaSibleyyh y so many questions like its cool u ask em but i got bored by the 5th no 6th... i lost count
8 years ago
JoanneWhelannWhy whats wrong with Hong Kong that people have to wear masks anyway ?
8 years ago
PrincesitaDianaHONG KONG
9 years ago
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