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Picture for PETER CHAO aka pyrobooby check

PETER CHAO aka pyrobooby

Picture for MYCHONNY aka (i dunno)

MYCHONNY aka (i dunno)


Who would you rather...

whose da funnyest mychonny vs peter chao comment and rate
arrowCOMMENTS (5) Created by arthurkok2 | People | 9 years ago | 682 votes
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DerekVangSup Gee! MyChonny Rulez!!
8 years ago
jojojowongwho the fuck is b) ?
8 years ago
LJeanCpeter chao rules
9 years ago
itriedtodrownafishhey arthurkok2 , didnt mean to disrespect you, i just want that ipod.. i deleted my poll already
9 years ago
arthurkok2peetah chao outside :D
9 years ago
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Thumbnail for No, it doesn't work :( Thumbnail for Yes, I believe in LDR :)
Created by justine (8 years ago)
91 votes | 4 comments

Do you believe in long distance relationship?
No, it doesn't work :(
Yes, I believe in LDR :)
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