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the Motorola Droid smartphone is coming out next month! Android 2.0 is definitely gonna destroy the iPhone
arrowCOMMENTS (4) Created by smokingaces | Technology | 10 years ago | 1437 votes
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whitehatAndroid based phones just passed the iphone in sales this year!
9 years ago
PaloAltoOh and by the way? If you are on AT&T you have issues anyway. They are the singular (pun not intended) most expensive service there is. If it weren't for the iPhone, which has great frontin' appeal, they would be looking at other options, LIKE OFFERING BETTER SERVICE PLANS FOR THE PRICE.
10 years ago
PaloAltoApple sucks. I LIVE in Palo Alto, have seen Steve Jobs at the downtown University Avenue Apple Store many times, and STILL the customer service is horrendous. A bunch of wanna be cool posers thinking that being rude makes them the Beatniks of the 21st Century...when all that really comes across is a bunch of losers with no manners. I was in my Verizon store yesterday, those Droids were flying out the door...I hope they give the boring and ever fallible iPhone a serious run for their money...
10 years ago
whitehatyou all suck...cannot beat apple!
10 years ago
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