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Bill Gates

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Linus Torvalds


Who would you rather...

Founder of Microsoft or Creator of Linux?
arrowCOMMENTS (3) Created by polla1 | Technology | 9 years ago | 251 votes
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AvroLCLinux is that special feeling a man and a woman feel when they are grown ups and are married and want to make a baby.
9 years ago
michael23I think it is something to do with hybrid nanotechnologies
9 years ago
leafsfan67wut is linux
9 years ago
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Thumbnail for Just avoid holding it that way Thumbnail for I want a REFUND
Created by michael23 (8 years ago)
75 votes | 2 comments

What are you gonna do about the iPhone 4 antenna issue?
Just avoid holding it that way
I want a REFUND
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