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Today Facebook made a change to their homepage where you can now choose between News Feed and Live Feed. A lot of people complaining, but my question to you is which Feed do you prefer?
arrowCOMMENTS (4) Created by klinic | Technology | 8 years ago | 405 votes
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diPollNice poll! Remember you can all follow diPoll on facebook at www.facebook.com/mydiPoll
8 years ago
whitehatI for one like the changes - allows for much better filtering/organization of information. I dont understand why everybody flips at the slightest change.
8 years ago
djjonesi would love to see a split screen news feed.
8 years ago
amanda4i dont understand why they have to keep changing it!!
8 years ago
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Created by John (8 years ago)
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What would you rather...
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