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Picture for Lil Wayne in prison check

Lil Wayne in prison

Picture for T.I. in prison

T.I. in prison


Would you rather...

they're both charged with weapon possession... but one of them can't rap for sh!t
arrowCOMMENTS (3) Created by djjones | People | 9 years ago | 207 votes
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VladimirThorntonlil wayne is a FAG!
7 years ago
ekim_13lil wayne still spells his name lil, he will never mature, guys an IDIOT
9 years ago
leafsfan67lil wayne is just an idiot. ti seemed to mature alot from his time, hopefully it will do wayne some good too
9 years ago
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Thumbnail for Barack Obama Thumbnail for George W. Bush
Created by eddiec (9 years ago)
6649 votes | 35 comments

Who is a better president? Obama or Bush?
Barack Obama
George W. Bush
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