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Picture for It's Cruel!!! Ban it!! check

It's Cruel!!! Ban it!!

Picture for It's Culture!!! Keep it!!

It's Culture!!! Keep it!!


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Bullfighting: Culture or Controversy???? Should it remain a tradition or be banned from even history books????
arrowCOMMENTS (2) Created by Andzzz | Sports | 10 years ago | 195 votes
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ShanayaSheWolfSahuur I agree with you 100% this sport should be banned!! >:(
9 years ago
sahuurthis is the most barberic sport ever !! this is not culture this is torture i bet none of u ppl who voted for could watch through a whole show
9 years ago
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Created by smokingaces (10 years ago)
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Who is the most valuable player in NBA?
Kobe Bryant
LeBron James
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