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Turin 2006

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Vancouver 2010


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The new Olympic medals for the Vancouver 2010 winter games were just released. They will be the heaviest ever (over 1 pound) and no two will be exactly the same. Do you like the new medals, or prefer the ones they used in Turin?
arrowCOMMENTS (7) Created by John | Sports | 10 years ago | 293 votes
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obamanawesome medals
9 years ago
alisonaliciarampage is vancouver's accountant
9 years ago
RampageRyleyVancouver can't afford the Olympics
9 years ago
AvroLCThey aren't even round... they don't look like metals, they look like someone left them on a heating element for too long
10 years ago
dj_destroyeri like them... i don't know why people are hating. they're very original, artistic, and true to BC. very cool.
10 years ago
nano123zNOOOOO you stole my idea :'(
10 years ago
amanda4lol weiiiiiird. i love that theyre all unique though
10 years ago
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