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Google Wave opened recently to the public by invite only...Google apparantly preferred to make Wave so complicated only geniuses or people with no lives could figure it out.
arrowCOMMENTS (5) Created by whitehat | Technology | 9 years ago | 238 votes
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ultimate99whitehat, like i said, quit or shut up.
9 years ago
whitehatlike i said genius or no lives...im guessing the latter
9 years ago
michael23how hard is it to understand that u click underneath someone's message to reply, double click to edit. and use the top toolbar to format text / add gadgets. If you found Google Wave complicated, stay away from Microsoft Word, or even MSN.
9 years ago
polla1wow Google wave is complicated? you're all just dumb.
9 years ago
klinici want an invite! grrrr
9 years ago
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