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Save a horse

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Ride a cowboy


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The song by Big and Rich says that we should save a horse by riding a cowboy. With that being said a done, who do you think really needs saving?
arrowCOMMENTS (3) Created by JaneInk | LOL | 8 years ago | 326 votes
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ShanayaSheWolfI think saving an innocent life is better than lust :) and btw....cute little hoarse <3
7 years ago
AvroLC= because I'm going to kill and eat that colt, not because of how I realised later that sounds
8 years ago
AvroLCI'll save a horse FOR DESSERT
8 years ago
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Created by Calvin (8 years ago)
2636 votes | 6 comments

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Hi, I'm a PC
Hello, I'm a Mac
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