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Nissan GT-R

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Porsche 911 Turbo


Would you rather...

well, Japanese complexity vs. German engineering...
arrowCOMMENTS (6) Created by jaykay | Money | 9 years ago | 374 votes
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PaulMcKennaporshe german crap gtr more cool technolgy looks speed drifting better
8 years ago
dylonclarkenissan because lokk better is cheaper,faster and fun to drift with in 2011 model
8 years ago
RampageRyleyAmerican Cars Kick ass! MUSCLE CARS!!! but in this situation Id pick the porche because I hate tuners
9 years ago
michael23<3 american cars
9 years ago
jaykayThey drew inspiration from Gundam (which apparently reflects Japanese culture quite well).
9 years ago
Andzzznissan is faster!!!! and cheaper...but looks like shit
9 years ago
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Created by Andzzz (9 years ago)
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Heidi Klum
Adriana Lima
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