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popped collar

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properly dressed


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Douchey? Not douchey? Dont forget to check out my new haircut after voting, bro.
arrowCOMMENTS (14) Created by rawwww | Fashion | 10 years ago | 6031 votes
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GraceDerezpopped coller
8 years ago
Aleczandriiai'd like 2 b the 1 2 mess up my bf's hair and clothing, thank u very much
9 years ago
ColletteFiddlerproperly dressed guys are hotter
9 years ago
JohnLarryJaliqueNaked. ^_^
9 years ago
JosieKroutTEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
xxDivinexxdress properly
9 years ago
Rowan_Cullendressed properly
9 years ago
ValerieSpanjevicDeff properly dressed. No offence
9 years ago
9 years ago
justinepopped collar = douchebag = my fav
9 years ago
ZoeAdamslol my dad has his collur up and he looks like a duche but da couple r cute do
10 years ago
jmisgayJM wears pop collars. That is all.
10 years ago
fresh_xPopped collars was the biggest douchebag trend ever. That's why no one does it anymore. The fastest way to pick out an idiot in any club is to look for a popped collar.
10 years ago
leafsfan67ummmm popped collar can still be properly dressed. dick.
10 years ago
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