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Human Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation


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Which one would you rather see done or do yourself (onto others): Human Experimentation or Animal Experimentation? In the name of SCIENCE!!
arrowCOMMENTS (6) Created by protox88 | LOL | 9 years ago | 437 votes
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CarmenShergoldanimal experimentation is cruel, human experimentation is funny.
8 years ago
peachesri think it would be cool if I was in a tank like a pokemon for years..... im messed up
8 years ago
KelssyBabeeI hate people who think animal experimentation is better than himan experimentation!!!!
8 years ago
melomelodyi dont understand what that lump is on the left picture
9 years ago
protox88Are you offended or something?
9 years ago
9 years ago
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Created by Andzzz (8 years ago)
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Edward Cullen
Jacob Black
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