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have brains

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have brawn


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If you couldn't be the complete package like I know you are, which would you choose?
arrowCOMMENTS (5) Created by akominek | LOL | 10 years ago | 726 votes
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CarmenShergoldi def agree with mohammedkhaliq betr to b smart and hav power like all those pricks in the government than be a buff guy living off heroine cus he aint got nuttin betr.
9 years ago
MohammedKhaliqRampageryley shut the fuck up she's going to be like a lawyer while you become a hobo so don't call anyone clever a nerd because they're gonna get somewhere in life stupid prick
9 years ago
Christiebrains ;)
9 years ago
10 years ago
michael23im an engineer studying at Carleton, and that girl on the left is deriving the quadratic formula = bad picture for have brains.
10 years ago
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Great Pyramid
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