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If you picked cash, and want to turn some of your unused gift cards into cash, head to giftah.com!
arrowCOMMENTS (4) Created by mighty_falcon | Money | 10 years ago | 600 votes
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AvroLCGIFT CARDS ARE BULLSHIT! If you give someone a giftcard it's saying: "I don't really know what to get you and thought I'd try trick you into thinking I actually know you. Burn in hell asshole."
10 years ago
jessesshey, so is this the place to go after i win the $100 gift card from dipoll?
10 years ago
mighty_falconCali, you are fast! Even faster then when playing Halo, I must say.
10 years ago
Calvinwhat a deal!!!
10 years ago
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Created by Thickgoggles (10 years ago)
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