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Burn a ton of trees down

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Flood major cities


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Would you rather be the cause of a huge forest fire (effectively killing tons of wildlife, animals, trees, nature) OR the cause of a huge flood to major cities (people and animals stranded, some deaths, unlivable conditions for a while)?
arrowCOMMENTS (4) Created by protox88 | World | 9 years ago | 527 votes
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alexXdltumm im going to speak up for the animals and the earth !!!! STOP CUTTING TREES !!!!
8 years ago
LaurenMoorei actually cant answer the question its too hard!
8 years ago
klinicI'm going to speak up for team "human race" here...screw the trees
9 years ago
JaneInkFlood major cities. Trees are more important to the planet, and fires release CO2
9 years ago
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