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Burn a ton of trees down

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Flood major cities


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Would you rather be the cause of a huge forest fire (effectively killing tons of wildlife, animals, trees, nature) OR the cause of a huge flood to major cities (people and animals stranded, some deaths, unlivable conditions for a while)?
arrowCOMMENTS (4) Created by protox88 | World | 10 years ago | 527 votes
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alexXdltumm im going to speak up for the animals and the earth !!!! STOP CUTTING TREES !!!!
8 years ago
LaurenMoorei actually cant answer the question its too hard!
9 years ago
klinicI'm going to speak up for team "human race" here...screw the trees
10 years ago
JaneInkFlood major cities. Trees are more important to the planet, and fires release CO2
10 years ago
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