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Bad Boy Look

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Preppy Look


What would you rather...

Both looks can be so yummy, but which look do you like on a man?
arrowCOMMENTS (5) Created by sasteven | Fashion | 9 years ago | 850 votes
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CarmenShergoldppl who vote for preps r douches.
8 years ago
sahuur@monica, u r so right, the bad boy is'nt cute enough, the preppy is in gossip gil right ?
9 years ago
jessess@monica, totally! he doesnt look so 'bad' hehe :)
9 years ago
monicaI would have definitely voted for the 'Bad boy' look if your 'bad boy' picture was better! Ha!
9 years ago
mrjudgerleather jackets ... always the badass clothing of choice
9 years ago
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Created by tallytwilight (9 years ago)
276 votes | 4 comments

Who would you rather...
alice cullen
rosalie hale
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