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How Do You Like Your Women!? Skinny, or with a few Curves?
arrowCOMMENTS (8) Created by sasteven | People | 10 years ago | 1088 votes
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sahuurcurves r so better @monica u r right , like ho invented this size shit ? plus when they r whering a bikini it's not a pretty site u can see smaskn and bones like a skeleton, u can literally count the ribs
10 years ago
ck_241@dj_destroyer - hahaha, agreed!
10 years ago
dj_destroyerI like how this still discludes fat chicks... because no one likes fat chicks.
10 years ago
monicaIt's about time curvy came back into style. Who on earth wants to be a size 0 anyway and who the hell invented a size that doesn't exit. Think about that!
10 years ago
ck_241super skinny like paris hilton!? +1 vote
10 years ago
BrunetteCasssome ppl are wayyy tooo skinny!
10 years ago
10 years ago
mrjudgerrock those curves girls!
10 years ago
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