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arrowCOMMENTS (16) Created by Calvin | Lifestyle | 8 years ago | 5836 votes
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EmmaThomasworkoholic, you can quit your job or just earn loads of money from it, but if ur alcoholic you lose all ur money, respect, everything and its harder to quit :)
6 years ago
LeedsMasheshaalcoholic, u can always go to rehab
6 years ago
KevinDarrelSawanalcoholic. more fun!
6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
6 years ago
DarnellDeVillealcoholic definitely. if you're going to die of blood pressure at least choose the one that lets u die numb. u can die twice as much as u can b late twice
6 years ago
DynastyCrimealcohol is good to your health.....
6 years ago
MaginaAntimageworkaholic you will die very soon while workaholic you'lle be rich
6 years ago
GwenGreenWheres chocoholic? LOL Chocolate YUM!!!
6 years ago
Rowan_Cullenworkaholic.... not alcholic. HAHAHHH!! id be chocoholic
7 years ago
NicoleTarbotong i donno... workaholic! LA DUH!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
player122it doesn't really matter but i would say Workaholic
7 years ago
7 years ago
mbfloresi know who that alcoholic is! and he works at dipoll!!
7 years ago
theonehaha that was a funny movie
8 years ago
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