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Have big ears

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Have a big nose


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If you had to be born with either huge ears or a huge nose, which would you take?
arrowCOMMENTS (6) Created by amanda4 | Lifestyle | 9 years ago | 1185 votes
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JanDohertytheres joseph (only jokin joseph)
8 years ago
CarmenShergoldtheys both scary
8 years ago
Cloudyi pick ears, i can hide them under my hair
8 years ago
Zach454i pik nose because you cant get an ear job
8 years ago
AvrilKwetomg he looks lyk a elf
8 years ago
sahuurloool this one is hilarious.
9 years ago
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Created by cereal (9 years ago)
365 votes | 2 comments

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Tiger's the best
Tiger's a scumbag
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