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Bruce Lee

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Jet Li


Who would you rather...

Who would win the fight?
arrowCOMMENTS (7) Created by Andzzz | People | 8 years ago | 1426 votes
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rajahamzamanzoorjecki chan hahha
6 years ago
Concussioner7Is this question not obvious enough?
7 years ago
GeorgieBeneventoomg i just wached the story of bruce lee and its so sad!!!
7 years ago
DariaStasinskaAAAhh i duno i LOVE THEM BOTH!!!! :D
7 years ago
ColmMulryandeffo bruce lee nobody can and has beaten him
7 years ago
RampageRyleyBruce Lee, the only man Chuck Norris is afraid of.
8 years ago
melomelodyBruce Lee of course, too well conditioned
8 years ago
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Windows 7
Snow Leopard
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