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We're having a diPoll beta contest, and we'll be giving away the special edition 4GB stainless steel iPod shuffle (or a $100 Amazon gift card) to our top poll creators! Check the blog for more info
arrowCOMMENTS (9) Created by diPoll | Money | 10 years ago | 2548 votes
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LadyChileI pod!
9 years ago
CocoZhangwin both!!!
9 years ago
GraceHakalaWin $100.... then buy an ipod?
9 years ago
djjoneswait.. what?? IS THIS STILL ON??
9 years ago
jmaThe contest is now live! Please check it out by clicking contest at the top of the page.
10 years ago
JohnThe contest and rules will be officially announced in the next few days. Keep an eye on the blog for info: http://www.dipoll.com/blog
10 years ago
amanda4ooo i was thinking of buying a new shuffle for the gym...theyre so pretty! hehe
10 years ago
klinicgift certificate would be sweet...i buy lots of stuff on amazon. whens the contest???
10 years ago
polla1I already have an iPod nano...
10 years ago
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