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Timeless question. Which came first?
arrowCOMMENTS (9) Created by John | LOL | 9 years ago | 2302 votes
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KathrynFergusondinosaurs laid eggs LONG before there were chickens
8 years ago
MichaelBritsthere had to be a chicken for the egg to be so > chicken?
8 years ago
kimmanihegg lol<<<<<<<<<<<
8 years ago
MeganFitchthe chick wouldnt be able to look after itself. there also needs to be a cockkkkkral.....
8 years ago
darwall100who laid the egg? but also where did the chciken come from? hmmm..
8 years ago
SaidaNiaziits chickens! im sure about it... or so said a britain scientist on the newss
8 years ago
robertpattisonloverthe dinosaurs did have eggs to! so.. eggs
8 years ago
FelleLagerqvistSÅÅ SVÅÅRT ;OOO
8 years ago
AvroLCEvolution people! Fish have eggs Amphibians have eggs Reptiles have eggs Dinosaurs had eggs THEN Birds have eggs
9 years ago
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Created by rawwww (9 years ago)
6026 votes | 14 comments

Who would you rather...
popped collar
properly dressed
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