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Controversy controversy controversy....South African Caster Semenya may lose her women's 800 metres world title if she fails a gender test...What do you think?
arrowCOMMENTS (6) Created by Andzzz | Sports | 9 years ago | 2153 votes
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ChelKicheck between her legs, ıts good for every other professon but the olımpıcs, no they have to stıck needles ınto the problem...
8 years ago
EvelinaSjolinWho cares if this person is a she or he!? I don´t
8 years ago
barbaravanderbergThis is not fair!!! By the time she was born south africa did not have the privelage to test a child for that.
8 years ago
sahuuryeah but obviuosly she will not give away her medal
8 years ago
WyattCareyno its funny
8 years ago
melomelodywow who drew that moustache and beard in, that's cruel
9 years ago
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