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if you can't beat them, be them!
arrowCOMMENTS (9) Created by protox88 | LOL | 10 years ago | 2329 votes
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ConorCruiseStevenBelenchia the right way? Hope you get hit by a fucking bus
8 years ago
ThabangKekanai cant believe that in scientology u have to pay to get into their heaven.
9 years ago
StevenBelenchiaif i ever meet a scientologist in my life i am going to beat his the fuck up and shove the bible up his ass and gunna make him follow the right way
9 years ago
JackDanielzhonestly dont understand scientology
9 years ago
RampageRyleyScientology is a cult made by a failed science fiction writer that requires $75 dollars to join and wants to make tom criuise and Jon Travolta come out of the closet, yea that doesnt sound like a Giant scam at all
10 years ago
amanda4how come everybody hates scientology so much? theyre wierd but i dont get it
10 years ago
klinicMOAR votes for anon
10 years ago
AvroLCThe box right now for me is Scientology.org
10 years ago
JohnLove. Hate. What is the answer? Scientology. HAH
10 years ago
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