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Expressing yourself, rebelling, or just lookin good. What way would you be more likely to display art on your body...getting a tat or a piercing?
arrowCOMMENTS (8) Created by amanda4 | Lifestyle | 7 years ago | 2862 votes
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kmw201get a piercing on my belly button lol
6 years ago
Rowan_Culleni have my ears pierced. i want a bird on my shoulder
6 years ago
AprilLatimeri've already gotten a peircing. lmao, & i WANT a tatto.
6 years ago
6 years ago
xx_Pix_xxboth i cant pick!
6 years ago
EvelinaSjolinBoth, But if a get to oick one it would be piercing
6 years ago
sahuurtattoos r not so glamerous for women when they dress formally,
7 years ago
AvroLCPierciing is less permanent
7 years ago
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What would you rather...
Red wine
White wine
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