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Google Chrome Browser

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Mozilla Firefox Browser


Would you rather...

both browsers are my favs, which one's yours?!
arrowCOMMENTS (11) Created by polla1 | Technology | 10 years ago | 2998 votes
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SHADOWgoogle of course
8 years ago
Aleczandriiagoogle just better
9 years ago
PercivalThorpeStraight Google...
9 years ago
Thugnificentzthis relll cool ppl
9 years ago
CocoZhanggoggggggggle i think i got goggle whoops goooooooooooogle
9 years ago
Twilight_rulesfirefox takes viruses away
9 years ago
9 years ago
niamhloftevery one knows that google chrome is where its at :)
9 years ago
CarmenMurphyOn google chrome rite now (:
9 years ago
AlwiyaLautnerYafiion google chrome right now FAAAAAAM!
9 years ago
AvroLCInternet Explorer!
10 years ago
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Thumbnail for 3D IMAX w/ headache Thumbnail for Good Old 2D
Created by michael23 (9 years ago)
110 votes | 2 comments

Would you rather watch 3D movies or just 2D?
3D IMAX w/ headache
Good Old 2D
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