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Kill yourself

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Kill innocent people


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arrowCOMMENTS (14) Created by AvroLC | Lifestyle | 9 years ago | 3420 votes
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kirawigginsi ment the other way around
7 years ago
8 years ago
JuniorRealestKill innocent people
8 years ago
DarraghHedmandepends how many people i have to kill
8 years ago
8 years ago
Twilight_ruleswhat corrupt idiot said innocent people'??? ow i did
8 years ago
Rowan_Cullenmyself coz im that kinda person who thinks of others b4 myself
8 years ago
ValerieSpanjevicOkay know this is just taking things on a whole new level - ,- I mean honestly, who in the right mind would vote for either ?!
8 years ago
PernilleLarsenIt depends on how MANY innocent people. If I had to choose between ONE other person or myself, I'd kill the other person, but if I had to choose between myself and ten people, I'd kill myself.
8 years ago
LaurenMoorethe 283 sick bastards that voted for kill innocent people are seriously messed up in head, sick ass holes!!
8 years ago
JadeMooreimg, who meadup such a thing, no innocent person should die just to save yourslef
8 years ago
BreKayi know everyone is guilty thats why they must ALL die
8 years ago
AvroLCEven infants? infants are guilty?
8 years ago
stuarttriversfuck that everyone's guilty
9 years ago
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