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Kate Moss

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Gisele Bundchen


Who would you rather...

Versace brings together the two top models in the world into one ad - but would the Brazilian outdo the British bombshell???
arrowCOMMENTS (9) Created by Andzzz | Fashion | 10 years ago | 3202 votes
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OmarIslamkate moss dont it have boobs
8 years ago
8 years ago
JewJewkate moss looks much healthier
8 years ago
LeonardPolicarpiochristie can i know face book account im leonard luzon phils
8 years ago
LeonardPolicarpioLeave a comment...
8 years ago
LotteKranendonkgisele, i just like her face a lot
8 years ago
DareenKavanaghkate moss!!no way..' nothin tastes as good as looking skinny feels'madness
9 years ago
ChristieGisele !!
9 years ago
AvroLCHard choice, they both look sickeningly skinny.
10 years ago
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