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The Olsen twins debate has been around since Full House!!!
arrowCOMMENTS (16) Created by Andzzz | People | 10 years ago | 3634 votes
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Demohtootwo of both r get ugly faces
8 years ago
AlexKimthey both look exactly the same (there twins arnt they)
8 years ago
GraceDereztheir both hott
8 years ago
BenKgosimoreWhat's the difference?
8 years ago
alexXdltthey dont look like witches
8 years ago
Aleczandriiamary kate is hotter
8 years ago
Rowan_Cullenahsley is more natural.... i like mary kates hair tho
9 years ago
ValerieSpanjevicA S H L E Y
9 years ago
9 years ago
GeorgiaBorrowdaleoh common, that's cruel, their twins!!!!!
9 years ago
EvelinaSjolinMK is cooler than Ash!
9 years ago
DaniellePotgieterwow !! im sure they can look better then the
9 years ago
BreKayi agree they look like witches
9 years ago
barbaravanderbergNone of them. They look like whitches
9 years ago
SkyeElizabeth87none of the are bulimic dummy
9 years ago
AvroLCI picked the one who can keep her food down.
10 years ago
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