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Save your money

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Live your life


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Save your money for later on, or live your life in the now without regrets?
arrowCOMMENTS (9) Created by John | Lifestyle | 9 years ago | 4405 votes
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Geth7095SAVE MONEY its smart if you "live your life" youll loose all your money
6 years ago
AlexKimSAVE money
7 years ago
JhonryMuozLive your life
7 years ago
BethanElliswow it long
8 years ago
Rowan_Cullensave ma moneyyy then go out and buy the most expensive thing eva
8 years ago
ValerieSpanjevicLIVE YOUR L I F E <33
8 years ago
marykielyLive your life!
8 years ago
AnnaKristinalive your life!!
8 years ago
melomelodythat guy on the left is awesome haha
9 years ago
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Created by smokingaces (9 years ago)
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Motorola Droid
iPhone 3GS
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