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Be invisible?

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Be able to fly?


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you may be a creeper.
arrowCOMMENTS (17) Created by jmisgay | LOL | 10 years ago | 4527 votes
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Geth7095if i was invisible id be a MAJOR pervert id follow hot girls home and watch them change cloths when
7 years ago
JhonryMuozinvisible? nobody will see you? even though you go to the gilrs locker room!! lol
8 years ago
rorimtmspread my wwiinggss n fly!!!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Demohtooi'm lazy to walk ......so i choose fly lolx
9 years ago
AwohHall invisible?
9 years ago
StevenBelenchiaaw shit i thought long and hard on this one and i chose.... invisible
9 years ago
AshiiEvansi wud choose both
9 years ago
JohnLarryJaliqueso I could be a Spy. ;D
9 years ago
MaginaAntimageinvisivle you could sneek up into the bathroom and watch girls ahahah
9 years ago
GwenGreenflyin would be sooooo kewl but try to stay away from the planes,hawks,beez,ect.
9 years ago
FernO123i ment to put fly!! oh well :s
9 years ago
alicecullen555Leave a comment...
9 years ago
MiaEnnsRampageRyley: haha true
9 years ago
RampageRyleyYes but flying aint gonna get you into the sweedish beach volleyball teams dressing room after is it?
10 years ago
AvroLCI guess I'm creepy
10 years ago
amanda4your creepy if you chose invisible...flying would be fun :)
10 years ago
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