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Bud Light

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Bud Light Lime


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yes, yes, there's a beer for everyone.
arrowCOMMENTS (11) Created by ekim_13 | Lifestyle | 10 years ago | 3700 votes
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RivaldoMonroei dont drink beer but mmmmmmm lime
8 years ago
Aleczandriiabeer needs a little flavour
8 years ago
oliviafordxiv'e never tasted BL?
9 years ago
JenniferMattii've never taste this :(
9 years ago
barbaravanderbergI don't know these don't have it here so no vote here, will only lie if I vote.
9 years ago
djjonesHEY! pussy drinks are good drinks!!
9 years ago
ZoeAdamsnever had bud lime before but it looks nice ill try it
9 years ago
RampageRyleyall light beer is pussy shit but if ur gonna drink it you should pick the one that at least tastes the best, so BL lime
9 years ago
AvroLCBud Light is what you drink when you want to get drunk as fast as you can and you don't care about how it tastes.
10 years ago
jmisgayBoth suck.
10 years ago
jiajianever had bud light lime before, but i hear it's p*ssy sh*t.
10 years ago
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