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yes, yes, there's a beer for everyone.
arrowCOMMENTS (11) Created by ekim_13 | Lifestyle | 9 years ago | 3698 votes
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RivaldoMonroei dont drink beer but mmmmmmm lime
8 years ago
Aleczandriiabeer needs a little flavour
8 years ago
oliviafordxiv'e never tasted BL?
8 years ago
JenniferMattii've never taste this :(
9 years ago
barbaravanderbergI don't know these don't have it here so no vote here, will only lie if I vote.
9 years ago
djjonesHEY! pussy drinks are good drinks!!
9 years ago
ZoeAdamsnever had bud lime before but it looks nice ill try it
9 years ago
RampageRyleyall light beer is pussy shit but if ur gonna drink it you should pick the one that at least tastes the best, so BL lime
9 years ago
AvroLCBud Light is what you drink when you want to get drunk as fast as you can and you don't care about how it tastes.
9 years ago
jmisgayBoth suck.
9 years ago
jiajianever had bud light lime before, but i hear it's p*ssy sh*t.
9 years ago
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