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Who do you cheer for? UCLA or USC?

Bruins and Trojans...the SoCal college rivalry
arrowCOMMENTS (16) Created by djjones | Lifestyle | 10 years ago | 5639 votes
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DannyJamesMulleni would sag all ov them
8 years ago
SeedofChuckyUCLA They Look Stupid, USC ALL THE WAY!! Even Thought I Dnt Know What They Mean :S
8 years ago
ClaudetteAllenucla very hot
8 years ago
FirstladyCutefacei like UCLA their are hot
8 years ago
yass_sharpUSC probably just better
8 years ago
MezzaManall two
8 years ago
AshleyStarcastleBoth r hotttttttttttttttt
8 years ago
LaurenGausdenthe both mank but i chooce usc
9 years ago
9 years ago
NicoleTarbotonthey both look like tarts... but i'd hav e choose... USC!
9 years ago
player122i dunno
9 years ago
alphaproductionyes... UCLAAAAAAAAA FOR SUREEEE
9 years ago
9 years ago
ZoeAdamsnoi say usc even do dnt no ho dey r coz dey r hot and luv der outfit
9 years ago
selevesqueUCLA uniforms suck to no end!
9 years ago
gilmorrthats not even a good pic...ucla girls WAYYYYY hotter
10 years ago
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