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Picture for Robert. P. aka Edward cullen check

Robert. P. aka Edward cullen

Picture for Justin Bieber aka gay boy

Justin Bieber aka gay boy


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which one do u like more ?
arrowCOMMENTS (5) Created by SCARLETTisAMAZING | People | 8 years ago | 175 votes
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LorenaSantosWow, even Glitterman is hotter than Justin! xD
8 years ago
MikaelaBissonnettewho ever thinks justin bieber is gay must be gay them sevles or they just envee him and btw real guys dont sparckle......duh!
8 years ago
MikaelaBissonnettejustin bieber is not gay!!!!!!! SOOO shut up about it!
8 years ago
LeanneFoleyRob Pattinson defo
8 years ago
SCARLETTisAMAZINGR. pattinson is sooooooooo much fitter then that gay boy
8 years ago
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Created by djjones (8 years ago)
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Adopted by Brangelina
Adopted by Madonna
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