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Big Bang


What created the world? God or Big Bang?

are you a science believer? are you in the secret society?
arrowCOMMENTS (68) Created by ck_241 | LOL | 10 years ago | 6753 votes
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SerranAzizThe whole universe was in a hot dense state when nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started, wait...The earth began to cool the albatros began to drool neadithals developed tools we built the wall we built the pyramids, math science history unraveling the mystery that all started with the big BANG! :D
9 years ago
player122i would say God
9 years ago
TwilightfanJesus nd God all the way ppl !!! if u devote ur lyf to Christ it will all make sence ppl !! i have pitty for non belivers coz they missing out on the time of ur lyf wif God!!!
9 years ago
EileenDeethe big bang was real
9 years ago
ChristelVermeulenThat's why it's called faith. It doesn't have to look realistic, cause that's what makes it amazing
9 years ago
ZoeAdamswell who wouls draw dat pic on da god 1 lol gross. i say big bang
9 years ago
RampageRyleyAt least science makes sense
9 years ago
AvroLCScience does not require belief, actually.... Fairy tales do.
9 years ago
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